Thursday, 8 August 2013

Goldilock And The Three Bear

Once upon a time in a large forest near a village there was a big house. In that house lived 3 bears, a big farther bear, a middle sized mother bear and a little baby bear. They all had there own chair, there own bed and there own bowle. Father bear was really respectful and kind to others. Mother bear had lots of friends and visited them in the afternoon but Baby bear was a bully and got into mischief.

One day Mother bear made some  pudding with crushed berry. The pudding was too hot so they had to let it cold down. While they let pudding cold down they went on a walk to visit there old friend, the beaver family because THEY JUST HAD A BABY!!!. A little girl called goldilocks who was Baby bears only friend wanted to see if he was at home so she knocked on the door. The door was open and there was no one home so she snuck in.

She saw the pudding that mother bear mad so she ate Baby bear pudding. Then she went into the living room and saw baby bear's chair. Slowly she sat down. “Boom” the chair broke and goldilocks decide to go up stairs. Up stairs she found 3 beds, a big bed, a middle size bed and a small bed. She laid down on the small bed. 1 minute later she was fast asleep.

“The baby was so small” Baby bear said. Once the 3 bears got home they found that the door was ajar. So they know someone had snuck in. Slowly they walked in. “Someone has ate my puddy” Baby bear cried. So they went into the living room and found that Baby bear's chair was broken. Finally they ran up stairs.

There lying on the bed was goldilocks. “ What are you doing in my bed” Baby bear shouted. Goldilocks woke up and ran down stairs. “Wait I forgive you” called Baby bear. So goldilocks came back they made friends and Baby bear stopped bullying people. They lived happily ever after. The morale of the story is don’t sneak into other people's house unless they let you.

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