Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

This is a summarise of the story Little Red Riding Hood and it will teach you the morale.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood. She was on her way to her Grandma's house because Grama was ill. On her way she came across a wolf. “ Where are you going?” the wolf asked. “ I am on my way to Grandma's house, she is ill and I baked a Rainbow cake for her” Little Red Riding Hood replied. The wolf had a plan and left. When Little Red Riding Hood got to Grandma's house. She knocked on the door and said “Its me Little Red Riding Hood”. “Come in” Grama awserd. Little Red Riding Hood cut the Rainbow cake and give it to Grama. Suddenly Grama ate Little Red Riding Hood and the cake because she was really the wolf. The end

So the morale of the story was don’t talk to strangers.

If you are walking around in Glen Innes and if you see a stranger you can give him a small hello but you should not tell him what you are doing unless you know him because if you do he might follow you and kidnap you and we don’t want that to happen right. Thanks for reading my story. I hope you learnt to not talk to strangers.

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