Friday, 20 July 2012



Olympism is a life philosophy that bring together education, sport and central. Culture was the one who promoted the olympism. The 3 reasons why we have the olympism is 1. so we can make friends with other people 2. to respect the rules and countries 3. excellence those are the 3 reasons why we have the olympic.


The Olympic ideal of excellence is not just about winning. It is about beating your personal goals. It also means being the best you can in your daily life.


The olympic is a time when athletes coming together and make new friend. It help us make friends with your opponent or people who come from a different country.


Olympic spirit is all about respect and taking part with others and using the right attitude during the olympics. Playing fair and respecting the people who are competing against you. You have to respect the rules, one another and one’s body.

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  1. I like your drawing of the Olympic logo Jordan! The dedication and skill of an olympian is something to be admired. I thought your points about what we can all learn from the olympics were very good. There are many athletes from very different cultures all in the same place at the same time. I had not thought about the fact that they might share cultures during the olympic gamees. I will definitely keep that in mind while I am watching the games.
    Julie from NYIT