Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cross Country

Jogging down to the reserve we all walked to the starting line. The 10 and 9 year old boys were ready 
to run all the way to tamaki college and all the way back to Pt -England. As Mr Burt said on your marks get set GO as I ran towards the bridge I was hoping I would came first in the finals. If I did come first I will be proud of myself but I didn't and I felt disappointed about my self.

As I was running through the bushes I was going to fall down on slippery bridge and into the water. Well I was running down the bush it felt really exhausted. I was almost at the finished line and I felt so tired!!! Finally I crossed the finished line and everyone was cheering me on.

We were washing our legs because our legs were dirty because of the mud. Looking at all that water made me so thirsty. When I was done wishing the mud off my legs I quickly had the biggest drink of water ever.Then we sat down on the ground and watch every one that had to race and after that we went to room 17 because Miss King was still doing the cross country then she came and the we went home.

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