Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Te Tuhi

Te Tuhi is an art gallery. It is located in Pakaranga. There are also art classes for people who are willing to learn about art. I think it is a great place. Our class visited Te Tuhi as a trip. We all enjoyed created our own tapa. After creating our tapa we headed to the gallery. In the gallery there are only 4 things.

Step 1 get an ordinary A4 paper and scrunch it up. Step 2 use a brown crayon to scrap the paper. Step 3 cover the paper with dye and let it dry. Step 4 use pencil to draw patterns on it. Step 5 use brown crayon to color in the background of 2 of your designs. Step 6 use brown paint to paint the background of your other designs design. You are now done.

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