Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Jordan Anzac Memorial

We had a task of making an animation about WW1. I have enjoyed completing this task


  1. Hello Jordan,

    That is a very nice animation. I like how your speech was nice, slow and clear. Well done, and I look forward to seeing your next animations.

    1. Hey Iisa

      Well thank you for your feedback. Just remember that you helped me. I am also looking forward to your next animation as well. Your dress up game is looking existing. Can't wait to play that.

  2. Congratulations Jordan. What a moving DLO you have created. I concur with Iisa's comment. The way you have used language (both written script and modulated voice over) draws your listener into the experience with you.
    This is very well done.
    I also appreciate the way your graphics and animations draw the eyes to the points being made in the voiceover. Having seen your work shared here over many years now, it makes me so proud to see you continue to develop your use of media to connect with your audience.

    Mrs Burt

  3. Hi Jordan,

    That was a very informative and moving piece of work, I really enjoyed watching this. I have a number of relatives who were in the War, do you have any connections to the war?

    I can tell you have shown great understanding of your topic, and have translated this into a clever, enjoyable piece of work.

    Courtney Brown