Thursday, 17 April 2014

Shared Lunch

This is some holiday homework

Recently class 2(my class) have had a shared lunch to celebrate the wonderful term we have had! It was amazing. All present student from class 2 bright delicious foods of all sorts. Our shared lunch was based on healthy food. It was held at Pt England School in class 2(intermediate class Year 7 and 8’s).

One of the students named James brought a wireless speakers and had music on his netbook(small laptop) so he played cool music for us to listen too. Everyone sang and chat to each other as they enjoyed the food and music. Some people even danced. We were all having fun evening.

It was on the 16th on Wednesday April 2014. At 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm. My highlights of the day would have to be the food because there was so much veritys, I felt like I was at Fortuna in skycity. I also like hanging out with my friends Zion, Iisa, Hiwarau and Isaaka. I sure hope we have another shared lunch next term, if we do I will blog it.

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