Thursday, 3 July 2014

Future Aspirations

Kids at my age should begin thinking about their future. They should think about things like what can they do now, to make there dream future real. A group of people came to the Pt England intermediate to help us make up our mind on what we want to be in the future. The group of people who came where Andrew Patterson(A Radio DJ), Jason Sharma(A math teacher at T.C), Constable Faireka(A police officer) and finally Arizona Leger(EX head girl at Epsom.)  

Andrew Patterson is a radio DJ. When Andrew was young his class when on a class trip to a radio studio. Andrew was fascinated by the way they did things at the studio. He gained an interest toward radio DJing and developed a dream. His dream was that he wanted to become a radio DJ. Look at him now, he has worked hard and his dream has came true. To be a radio DJ you need to be a loud speaker, confident speaker and an existing speaker.

Jason Sharman is a math teacher at T.C(tamaki college). He is samoan and fijian. When Jason was young he loved maths and he was good at it as well. Jason loved maths so much that one day he wished that he would be able to teach math. Now he is a math teacher at T.C. To be a teacher you need to be good with kids.

Constable Faireka is a police officer. He is cook island. When he was young his uncle was a constable. So basically his uncle inspired him to become a police officer. To be a police officer you need to be fit, brave and good with people.

Arizona Leger is the EX head girl of Epsom. She is Tongan, Samoan, Fijian and Mario. During class in primary, Arizona alway sat at the back and talked to her friends. Whenever the teacher told her off she never listened. When the teacher left she would start talking again. Arizona was announced a prefect. She said to her teacher “You must have got the name wrong, all I do is talk.” The teacher said “yeah, exactly you talk.” “Okay then” she replied.

She finished intermediate and moved on to college. At her first college she finished year 10 and start year 11 at Epsom. Just like in primary, she turned talking from a negative into a positive. She became head girl of Epsom college. She tort us something she learnt, called 5.

Tahi(One)- Do your mahi(work), do your work no matter what. Rua(Two)- Today you are you that is true that true, there is no one alive who is youer than you, this is a poem is from doctor Seuss, it means be your self, there is no one on earth that is you. Sun(Three)- Have some fun, you should always have a balance between doing your work and having fun.

Four- Beat down that shower door, people usually sing in the shower so they need to beat down that shower door and bring that confidence into class. Five- Strive to stay alive, this means if you are good at something strive to keep that skill alive.

She is now in Auckland University studying for her communication degree.

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