Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Immersion Assembly

Term 3 has began so the holidays are over. Every first day of the term, we have an immersion assembly, introducing the theme for the term. The theme for this term is GAME ON. So we are all learning about the Commonwealth Games. During immersion assembly every team performs or shows us something to do with our topic (GAME ON).

Team 1:
Team 1 created a movie about the different countries in the Commonwealth Games. Also in their movie, a teacher (Mrs George) dressed up as the Queen of England. She wore 2 shiny white gloves, a fake tiara, black reading glasses, a pink fluffy scarf around her neck and a pink t-shirt. She spoke with a posh accent giving us a quick pep talk about how to strive to succeed. Here is the link to the video. Click here

Team 2:
Team 2 made a movie explaining the different sports there are in the commonwealth games. It was really funny. Mrs Jarman was dressed up as the Queen and declared the Commonwealth Games open.

Team 3:
Team 3 began with an introduction by Mrs Barks. The other teachers were dressed up in cute pink fluffy tutus and began stretching. After Mrs Barks finished talking, a collage of pictures of gymnastics and music played while the teachers with the tutus began trying doing gymnastics.

Team 4:
Team 4 started with a movie. In their movie they pretended that there was a sport in the Commonwealth Games called mash potato sculpturing. Where they need to create a masterpiece out of mashed potato. It was really funny. Mr Goodwin won it.

Team 5:
Team 5 was last. Most of the team 5 teachers went overseas during the school holidays so they just filmed the fun things they did and took some selfies. Mrs Lagitupu put all the pictures and videos together and created one movie. Ms Clark went to New York.


I am going to  enjoy learning about the Commonwealth Games because I don’t know much about it and I love learning new things. I always thought it was another word for the Olympics.

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