Friday, 12 September 2014

Home Hero

The Home Hero intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner is a small circle shaped robotic vacuum cleaner mixed with 2 amazing colors, Red and White. Home Hero comes with 3 accessories the virtual wall, the remote controller and the charging base plate.

The virtual wall creates an invisible barya that Home Hero can not past. This barya can reach up to over 7m. Using the Remote controller you can direct Home Hero and control it. You can also set the modes that it enters. The charging base plate is the place you charge Home Hero. When it is finished cleaning the charging base plate will sends signals tell it to return automatically for charging.

There are 3 different cleaning modes spot clean, auto clean and turbo clean. Spot clean will focus on a particular area. This mode is good for cleaning nasty small crumbs you dropped. In this mode it will run for 4 minutes. In auto clean the cleaner will clean the room for 30 minutes. This mode is good for cleaning small rooms. Turbo mode runs until the rechargeable battery runs out. If fully charged it can run for 1 hour. Also if charging base plate is plugged in, after cleaning it will automatically return to the base plate for charging.

The charging base plate has a clock on it. You can also set the timer on the charging base plate for home hero to clean at a certain time. When you want to empty home hero all you need to do is press this button and remove it. It is as simple as that.

If you live in a 2 story house and you are wondering if it will fall down stairs, it won't. As it has got cliff sensors.

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