Friday, 5 September 2014

Jordan Neo Lukis math project

This is our math project that I did with my friends


  1. Hello Jordan,
    This is Melissa Keeler from EDM 310, a class at the University of Southern Alabama in Mobile. I am learning how to teach grades 6-12. I am impressed with your blog, especially this video you and your friends produced. The use of the hand-held model to express ratios, fractions, and percentages was very original and informative. I can tell that you enjoy math. I liked the music as well but sometimes it was louder than your voice so at times I was unable to hear the information you were providing. You had mentioned that you now have use of a net-book, is it your own personal net-book or is it shared among the students in the class? I am also curious about your pet Ben. What kind of pet is he? I also enjoy being outside. I enjoy gardening and mowing the yard, what kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy?

    1. Hi Melissa
      I'm gad to hear that you enjoyed mine and my friends math movie. My pet bird ben has passed away of old age. I love playing soccer. Plesse check out out videos made by pt england students. I am know you will enjoy them aswel

    2. Soccer is a Great sport! I am sorry to hear your pet bird Ben has passed away. I also have a pet bird, she was injured and brought to me to heal. She is a female Cardinal and has decided to stay with me. Her name is Methuselah because of her crest that sticks up. I will check out some more videos you and your class mates are very good at making them!