Friday, 20 March 2015

2015 Polyfest

Polyfest 2015 has arrived and Pt England Intermediate is lucky enough to receive the opportunity to visit it. We were all super excited as this is the first time a Pt England Class had visited the Polyfest as a group.

The Polyfest is an annual event that takes place in Manukau. This is a vast festival full of food and culture. The Polyfest has been going for 40 years! It was created to help students express and learn more of their culture.

A big surprise that happened during our visit is that the wonderful John Key the prime minister of our beautiful country aotearoa, payed a visit. It was great seeing the prime minister at the Polyfest.

We also received plenty of free gifts. Such as Sunglasses, Hats, Wristbands, A 4min Hourglass, Sunscreen, Breakfast Crackers, Coconut Milk, ASB Bags, Water Bottles and Lollipops. These are a lot of gifts. Although some of these gifts are very unusual we were all happy.

In conclusion I loved our year 7&8 trip to Polyfest. I would like to say a big thank you to all the parent helpers and others for attending the trip and supervising us. We are all very grateful as without you we would not be able to go to the trip.

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