Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Miss Peato's Birthday

Mr Wiseman was slowly strumming his brown guitar while Miss Peato was still talking! “Why is he doing that, how rude” I thought to myself. Suspiciously he started walking towards the Green room. All of a sudden Mr Wiseman kicked the Green room door wide open. One by one out come the rest of the team 5 teachers.

With extra enthusiasm the teachers sing happy birthday to Miss Peato. Miss Clark was recording it all on her phone, Miss Moala was holding a nice looking cake and the rest where playing different instruments in tune with the song. “Ohh now I understand, it is her birthday” I said. Everything made sense.

It was Miss Peato’s birthday that day. The Pt England yr7&8 students began singing along. The cake had one candle on top and it was also covered with white icing. I think that is a nice surprise. It really made Miss Peato feel part of the PES family.

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