Thursday, 3 September 2015

Parapara Tree

All around the world there are insect killing plants and trees like the Venus fly trap but have you ever heard of a bird killing tree. Native to New Zealand there is a tree called the Parapara tree. This tree is known to kill insects as well as birds. It uses a super sticky sap to trap the birds and until they starve to death.

New Zealand is known for its green grass and beautiful landscapes but if we grew Parapara trees everywhere it can make a big change to our country and affect our biodiversity. The tree will kill endangered bird species causing them to become extinct.

A group of children were at a local reserve one day and came across a dead Piwakawaka under some trees. They assumed a cat had attacked it and they covered it in leaf litter. They discovered the bird had been a victim of the Parapara tree.

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