Thursday, 17 September 2015

World Vision Scholarship Day

World vision is a generous organisation that supports children as well as families in developing countries by providing them with food, warm clothes, shelter, an education etc. World vision New Zealand works in 32 countries. World vision is also the company that does the 40 hour famine.
World vision has recently held a Scholarship Day for student in New Zealand that have participated in the 40 Hour Famine and because I was one of our schools top fundraisers I attended the Scholarship Day.
It was very entertaining. The student played a game. The aim of the game was to survive. You are first put in a team, there are 4 teams. Some teams began the game outside the border of the country. If you are lucky you will make it into the country on a working vesta. Once you have entered the country you will need to wait in line to receive a job in the factory.
The line is extremely long so it is difficult to earn money and if you don’t have money you can’t purchase food to survive and if you go without food for 5 minutes you die. Once you die you are dead. This is one way of dieing but you can also die if you have no money to become immunised at the health center. So the only way to survivor is to earn money. While you are trying to earn money the police walks around arresting people for no reason.
I received a fake Oscar for using my brain and for volunteering to work at the health center. Overall I had an amazing day. It was so fun and because the presentation completed early we went to Mcdonalds and got icecream.
My highlights

  • Winning an Oscar
  • Playing the game
  • Meeting others
  • Going to Mcdonald's

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