Friday, 16 October 2015

History of Superman

Did you know that Superman was originally a Villain with a no hair? Well this video contains the history of superman. He needed to evolve in order of him to survive. DC Comics changed many things about him. Like the colour of his underwear. My and my group needed to answer these questions.

Man of underwear or blue underwear?
He originally wore red underpants, but it changed to blue, and in the Man Of Steel movie, he had no underpants.

Why did it change?
He changed his underwear colour because it looked sleek, cooler, and it fitted the changing fashion.

Krypton - what is it?  
Krypton the planet where Superman comes from.

Why was it important to Superman?  
Krypton is important to superman because it is his home planet.

What part did Superman's parents have in his survival?
His parents made the choice to send superman to earth in order for him to survive. They died doing this.

Original powers?   
He could jump one mile, He had super strength and had super speed.

Did he fly in the beginning?
He could not fly in the beginning, he could only jump around a mile.

What changed in term of his super powers?
Instead of jumping he could fly, Superman now has laser eyes. He also has X-ray vision.

Daily planet - his does he adapt between his human workplace and being a superhero?

He has glasses when he is in his workplace and when he is a superhero he has no glasses and he has rubble costumes.


  1. Hii Jordan nice writing and also explaining about superman. You have answer all the question with good words and you explain it at the start keep it up. :D