Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Time With My Friends

“Hahahaha” I chuckled as I saw the faces of my friends. Labour day was over and the year 7 & 8 students were lucky enough to do an activity called “The Amazing Race” organized by our brilliant teachers. We had been placed into groups of 4 to 5. My group and I were doing an activity called Cookie Face.

A race that requires control of all your facial muscles. You begin by setting a Cookie on your forehead, your task is to get the Cookie into your mouth without using your hands. Our faces were coated with crumbs. My group struggled to accomplish this simple task, I had given up so I began slowly snacking on my cookie.

As we arrived at the next activity I saw all the equipment set up and had a fair idea of what we were going to be doing. Our first task was the Weet Bix challenge. We picked a team member to take part in this event. We selected Iisa. As the students lined up they were given one Weet Bix each. “Ready, Set, Go” the teacher cheered.

The team representatives instantly began shoving Weet Bix into their mouths. Chewing rapidly their mouths were as dry as a desert. I saw pieces of food stuck to their teeth. They looked as if they were indisposed. Finally someone completed the race. The winner belonged to another team.

Next was a group a task. We need to eat two spoonfuls of cold spaghetti mixed with fruit salad which was revolting. I noticed that their where grapes in the bowl so I ate 2 grapes but it was worst because the grapes were soaked in spaghetti sauce

Overall I had an awesome time with my classmates. I would love to do it again. We all had a great time.

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