Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Google Cardboard

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Full of excitement I listened as Mrs Tele’a gave her instructions. A Google Expedition was held at Point England School introducing a new and exciting gadget called Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is a headset built of Cardboard. You simply insert a smartphone into the piece, hold it to your face, select a location and enjoy. The year 8 students were waiting to experience a new virtual reality world.  

I was surprised as I saw all the headsets spread on the table. We were told to pick one. It was the size of a Big Mac hamburger. Eager to try Google Cardboard I held it to my head. The first location was the Borneo rain forest, where we spotted David Attenborough a famous narrator and scientist.

I was mind blown. I felt as if I was actually in the Borneo rain forest. As I turned my head the image turn with it. It shows how technology these days has evolved and how it is still evolving. There was a trigger on the side that caused the 360 degree image to zoom in. We visited other popular locations including Palace of Versailles, The Burj Khalifa, Space, Washington Monument and others.

In conclusion we had an appealing experience as we visited new locations. I found it very neat and I would love to purchase the Google Cardboard one day so I can play around with it. I don't see it being used for education.

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