Monday, 28 May 2012

Composition IV

Composition LV is a mix of swirling color and a soaring line. 
The painting divided strongly down the centre line. On the left hand side violent motion is expressed by sharp, jagged tangled lines. on the right hand side are calm emotions using. sweeping forms and color harmonies.
The dividing lines are really two swords held by red-hat led cossacks. Next to them a third white- bearded cossack leans against the purple sword. they stand before a blue mountain with a castle on top.
In the lower life two boats are depicted and a rainbow. In the lower right two people lie on  a hill when two parties are watching them

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  1. Hi Jordan,
    I really like your writing about this painting. Maybe you could double check your writing before you publish it. There are full stops in weird places. This writing is really effective because you used interesting vocab. I learned a lot just from this one piece of writing. Keep up the awesome work Jordan.