Thursday, 24 May 2012

When Pigasso met Mootice

Mootice dress the way he paints. He likes to paint like a wild  beast with bold colors. Many say that he paints like he is painting colour by numbers. Pigasso is like Mootice he like to dress the way he paints but he does not paint like Mootice. He likes to paint like a two year old he also uses colors that look like mud because he is a pig and he likes to play in mud 


  1. Well done Jordan. I can see that you have been working well this morning - without me!
    I love seeing your work from so far away!
    Enjoy the rest of your day

  2. Hello Jordan,
    I really like you picture of Pigasso and Mootice. I also like your writing. I learnt a lot from this piece of writing. I can't think of anything to help you improve. Anyway keep up the great work in class and outside of class.