Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Going swimming

Nothing excites us more than swimming time! On Wednesday Room 13 went swimming.I loved swimming I do not know why but I just liked it.

We had to walk from school to the pools. Miss King shouted loudly  “stay together” because we were running around. So then we formed a line and walked to the pool

Splash! When Moses was ready he hopped into the pool. Ben the instructor showed us how to hop into the pool safely. “Chin on your chest and swim to the island and back” said  Ben.

“Now make a rocket with your arms and kick off the wall” Ben said. So slowly I went trying to hold my breath. “I made it made it” I said  when I got to the island.Frank went next and he looked like he was a fish.

But sadly we had to hop out of the pool because it was the next classes turn . “Out you go now” said the talented instructor Ben.

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  1. Hi me Ana I like your story it was cool. Your writing is great keep it up can't wait your other story.