Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Forgiving No Made What And Carry On

This story is about forgiving people and carry on

My name is Captain none toes. I was named after a terrible tragedy in 1961 when I was sailing in the sea I saw a ship heading towards me I decide to sail towards them and take there tregeare.

Me and my crew thought that we could beat them but we were out numbered. It was ninja pirates. The ninja pirates were the strongest, means and uglies pirates in the land. Then they choep our toes off and that is how I got my name. Ever since then whenever I see a ship, I sail away in fear.

I am really poor  the only things that I have is my crew, My ship and my wife named Margarine. All my crew was so hungry that in fact they wanted to eat my bird. “Captain are we almost there?” asked my crew. “ I don't know,” I replied. Me and My crew were looking for land for over 11 years.

“Look up ahead land,” Shouted one of my crew members. We sail toward the land. “Food” We shouted pointing at a little kid. Everyone rushed toward him trying to get the food. “what are you doing” the poor boy said. “that is my go get your own” he said taking his burger bake. The little boy ran home to his mum.

Sadly they saw the ninja pirates we were all scared. “Margarine” I shooted. We all rushed to the ship. “Margarine Margarine are you here.

“ tweet tweet Captain” “hay is that your bird Captain” said his crew member. Then they saw a bird fly up. “Captain tweet tweet Captain  I am over here” call the bird.

“They took her the ninja pirates” he said. “NO!!!!!!” I screamed. “I am going to look for her” I said. “ But it is the ninja pirates” said his crew. “ I do not care”  “We are going to help you look for her” said his crew.

They followed the flag and finally the ninja pirates stopped and turned around we battered to death and won. I ran to look for her but it was too late I found her body in the water. I was so angry that I had to get revenge. I made them safer what she had to safer I made them walk the plank with sharks at the bodem.

“ No Captain forgive them for what they done”said my crew “ But they killed her” I said “ sill, that is what forgives is about no matter what they do still forgive  even if the hurt someone that you loved” said my crew.

I decide to forgive them and I let them go. I missed her so much but I know I had to forget her and carry on with my life and make new members.

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