Monday, 4 March 2013

My 3D map

Have you ever made a 3D map before? Well year 6 went to visit omau creek. We saw a lot of interesting thing there. When we arrived back to school we had the to make a 3D map of Omau Creek and what we saw there.

I started drawing the map of Omau Creek on a spiel cardboard. It was really hard because I kept drawing the creek to big. I tried to add extra thing to make it look really cool

I then had to create a trees just using paper it might sound easy but it was it a bite hard. We had to make it stared up. I avechly made it but it was real short.

Next I had to make 2 bridges. Like the tree, the bridge had to stand up. The bridge also had to allow water to flowing under it.

Finally I was up to paint my model. It was hard because I alright put my brights and trees on. I disdi to paint my trees and my brights.

At the end I was quite happy with my 3D Map. It also allowed me to get to know teacher. I would like to do this activate again.

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