Monday, 25 March 2013


Walking down a long  and narrow path I saw my friend Angel. “Wait up Angel, it me Jordan” I called out. He turned around and start looking at me with is brown little eyes. Sudley he turn back around and began to running. “Come back here” I shouted. But he did not listen and carried on running. I started to slow down and I could not keep up with him any more. I stopped at a diend but he was gone. “Angle where are you” I called. But there was no one there.
I decide to go home. “Where could he had gone to” I said to myself. “I will just ask him at school” I said in my mind. The next day. “RING  RING” it time to go to school. I looked everywhere for Angel but I just could not find him. On my way back home I saw Angels mum and dad putting a posters saying missing kid. “Who's the missing kid” I asked. They turned around in tears. “It is Angel” They said.
I thought of a brilliant plan. If I really trace his footsteps then I mite be able to find him. I did exactly what he did and study I dispersed into the dark. “Hello hello is anyone there” I said.

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  1. Hey Jordan,
    This story is really cool to read. I did have some trouble trying to read it though. Maybe in your own time you can fix up the spelling. Anyway, I hope they find Angel. It is quiet strange calling out to a friend but they end up running away. Anyway, I can't wait to read more interesting post. Keep up the great work Jordan!!!