Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Don't let people mock you

Don't let people mock you because you look different. Sometimes people look different on the out side but in the inside they are just the same like everyone else. Once there was a boy who looked just like everyone. One day when he as walking past tree he saw a bee hive full with bees. Then a sick came out of no were and hit the bee hive and the bees came flying out. They flow all around the boy. When he went to school everyone looked at him. They mocked him because of what the bees did to him but on the inside he was just like everyone else. So he didn't change much he just looks different. Never let people mock you!!!!!.


  1. Fabulous post Jordan! You could watch the debate that is starting on TV3 right now about this subject.

    They should read your post!

    Mrs Burt

  2. Wow Jordan, you know something that lots of adults need to learn. In my class we are learning that we are all part of the same team - looking different on the outside but all belonging in the same waka. We looked at a cool video that reminded us to include others even if they do look different.