Monday, 22 April 2013


Arriving at school I was so nerves, it was fiafia and I was in the Tonga boys!!! If you think I was scarred well my sister was in Tonga girls and she is one of the MC."Mum can you give me my close so I can go to my Chang room"I asked. "No wait I need to come help you because you don't know how to put your thing on"she reply. "Then what are we waiting for?" I said. "I need to sort out your sister first" she said. I managed to get her to give my close so I can get change. Getting change I as my friend so I got change with him. Them my mum came and she helped me."I am so cold"I said. Because I had to were no shoes no shirt only my school shorts. Finally it was time for my group I was so nerves but I knew had to get it done and over with. When I got on the stage I was so screed. I spotted my family and that mad me even more nerves so I just keep looking at the sky it made it look like I was looking at everyone but I really want not. At the end I was not cold any more because I was jumping around. I would like to say thank you to everyone who plan the Fiafia and to Mr J for making the stage for us.

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