Monday, 8 April 2013

King Jake

Once upon a time there lived a King and Queen. They were having a baby. “Are you ok my darling” the king said to his queen.  “he is dead the baby is dead” they said “ It is ok he is  going to be ok” the king said with tears. Sudley they saw a head. “ No he is not dead” the king said. They named him Jake. Sadly the queen died.

Jake grow each year and each year the king got sicker and sicker.The King decide to teach Jake how to use a sword before he died. So each day he took Jake to  place to learn how to use a sword. Jake was not so good at a using swords but he did not give up. The only thing he was good at was stuffing things up

3 years later the king died and jake found a princess called gloria she had long brown hair. The next day when jake woke up he could not find her. So he got a horse and went to the forest. He looked every were a then finally saw a castle. Gloria  was at the top looking for Jake. “Gloria I am down here. Jake shouted. Then more and more people came. Jake pulled out his sword and tried to use it but he did not rely know how to use it.

He remembered that he was good at messing thing up so he did anything and beat them. He climbed up the castle and bring gloria down. They got married and live happily ever after.

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  1. Hi Jordan
    Wow, great piece of writing, love the story telling and especially the happy ending..keep up the good work Jono

    Love Mum