Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Get Lost

“Hello, Tom speaking” said Tom as he answer the phone. “Hey Tom it’s Joe[Tom’s boss] pack your bags because it looks like we are going to Antarctica to take some samples and to learn more about the animals that live there, we leave tomorrow morning”said Joe. “this is great I will meet you in the morning”replied Tom. So Tom went to pack his bags. He put lots of warm close in the bags because it is freezing in Antarctic.

The next day Tom meet his boss and work mats at the airport. They got there tickets and hoped in the plane. They were in first class with the cool free things. “First class is amazing” Tom said. “More wine”asked the waiter. “yes please” Tom replied. “We are now landing in Antarctica, so please fasten your seatbelts” said the polit. “ look at all of this ice” said Joe. Once they landed they rushed out of the plane and stood on the cold freezing ice.

“It is so cold I should've brag more close” they said. “Stop talking and start taking” shouted Joe. “They began to take samples of the ice. “now come lets look for some animals” said Joe. They saw lots of ice but they could not find any animals. “ we have been walking for every and we have not seen anything but ice” said Tom. “Just be patient” said Joe.
Joe stopped to tie his shoes. When he was done tying his shoes he looked up and everyone was gone. “Tom where are you, Hello is anyone there” called Joe. He was lost. He was scared and began to get hanger. He began to  just keep walking. As he walked he starting you freeze.

Suddenly he saw some footsteps. He began to follow the footsteps. One hour later Joe was still walking he began so get tied so he stopped. “ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Joe called. “Joe”  “Tom is that you”said Joe. “Tom!!!!”said Joe. Joe ran to Tom and Tom ran to Tom. Tom called the plane to come and pick them up.

They went home and Joe got into the hot tub. Tom made a hot chocolate with extra marshmallow. Joe got warm and they lived happily ever after. The End

  1. Thanks to Frank Ielomi for editing my work you made a big differers.

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