Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Water Jewle

Once there was a man called Johnny. He was a spy but now one know. When he was on a  mission he was called Agent J.  He lived alone with no one to talk to. He was 23 years old. One day he was driving to the spearmark. He got a call from his boss Joe. “Agent J I need you to report to our headquarters immediately because I have a mission for you”Joe Asked “ Yes boss I am on my way”Johnny replied.

Once Johnny got there, there was nothing but a little pole. Johnny went to the pole and pushed it down. Then on the floor a door opened. He then enter and hopped into an elevator. The elevator went down. The door then opened and there was a wall. On the wall there was a hole. Johnny then put his eye on the hole. “accepted” The wall then opened.

“So what is wrong”Agent J asked. “Its the Water Jewel, the Noa Ninjas are on there way to take it” answered Joe. “What about the Water Men” said Agent J. “They defeated them with the  ice spear”  Joe sadly said. “Okay then, who is my partner” Agent J asked. “You will be working with Agent B” Joe said. As Agent B walked in the he looked like a cute blackbird that you would want to play with. But then went he heard that he was going to go on a mission he jumped into action. “Who will I be working with” Agent B said. He sounded like a robot

“Agent B meet Agent J, Agent J meet Agent B” Joe said. “Hey Agent B” Agent J said. “So what is my mission” Agent B asked. “Get the water Jewel before the Noa Ninjas do” Joe said. “Okay”Agent B replied. So they went to get ready. They packed a lot of things in such a small bag. That was because it was a special bag.

The next day they hopped into the invisible Jet Plane and went to the island. “ We are almost there” Agent J said. They were in a rush. There was no sign of the Noa Ninjas. They quickly landed. Once they landed, they got there bags and began there mission.

“Where do you think the the Water Jewel will be” said Agent J. “I set my GPS on water jewel and it says it is up there in the mountain” Agent B said. “So lets go” Agent  J said. They put on there sticves [Sticky Gloves] and began to calm the mountain. The sticves allowed them to Climb things. “We are almost there”Agent B said. It was really hard because the sticves were only use to climbing thing that where wood but mountain are rock.

Once they got to the top, the noa ninjas were right there. Agent B mad the first move. He scratched there faces and bite there hands. Agent J punched and kicked them all. When one of the Noa Ninjas was just about to push Agent J of the mountain, Lucky Agent B pulled The noa ninja back and scratched his face over and over again. Finally he stopped. Went all the Noa Ninjas saw the man's face they run away like little babies off the mountain.

They keep walking until they saw the Water Jewel. Agent B quickly grabbed it. The mountain began to break down. The Water Jewel was thing holding everything together. They ran out and jumped off the mountain. As they were falling,  Agent J called the Jetplane. They landed on the jetplane and hopped in. They quickly went back home. Once they got home they went to give the Water Jewel to there boss and they lived happily ever after.The End.

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