Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Musical instruments are amazing. We are really lucky to have them. Especially guitars. Guitars can make all sorts of sounds. Do you know how those sound are made?

The parts of a guitar are the neck, fret, tuning peg, 6 metal strings, head(top), sound hole, bridge and the hollow wooden body. All these parts help the guitar make sounds.

As you strum the strings they vibrate. The vibrations create sound wave. The sound waves enter the sound hole on the guitar. It bounces off the wood and comes out louder. That is how guitars create sound.

As you strum with your right hand your other hand will need to press down on the strings. Doing this changes the pitch that the guitar makes. As you move your hand closer to the sound hole the pitch becomes higher and as you move your hand closer so the tuning pegs the sound become lower.

Guitars are very fascinating aren't they. If you ever get the chance to take guitar lessons I think you should take it. The talent to be able to play the guitar is amazing.

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