Friday, 30 May 2014

Home made instruments

Materials Needed:
  • Jar (with a top)
  • Rocks

Instructions for Homemade Instrument:
  1. Take the lid off the jar
  2. Fill the jar with rocks
  3. Use the lid to close the jar. Make sure it is on tight
  4. Once the jar is closed tightly, start shaking
  5. You can now a

How to make a Shaker

Main reason:
As you shake the jar the rocks move around creating sound. The movements are also called vibrates. Vibrates create sound wave which enter your ear. If used right you can create amazing sounds.

Second reason:
As the sound waves enter your ear it make the eardrum vibrate. The vibrations turn into signals that your brain understand as sound

Third reason:
If you didn’t shake it, then you would not be able to hear anything. The reason to this is because the rocks are not moving around. If the rocks aren't moving around there is nothing that is creating sound.


That is how shaker create sound. I told you it is really easy to understand and easy to make. It

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