Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How to post blog post

The best way to share work, is through blogging. It is really easy. First, you sign into your google account. You have to do this or you can’t create the new post. At the top of the blog, there should be something saying new post. Click it.

Your screen will change. There will be a small box at the top which says, Post Title. This is where you name your blog post. Below that are the fonts and different sizes for your text. There is also a big text box. This is where you past your writing or write it.

On the right side, you will see your post settings. This is where you can add your labels, schedule, permalink, location and options. Above it is where you can Publish(Post), Save(make it a draft), Preview(check what it will look like before you post it) and close (cancel your post).

Screenshot from 2014-06-03 09:41:03.png

If you want to add a video into your post you need to click HTML next to Compose which then you can paste the embed code from the video into the big text box. If you want to add a photo, you just click the small picture of the mountain next to the word link. Then you choose file(picture) which then you can add what ever picture you want.

That is how you create a blog post. It may sound hard but it is really easy. It really is a great way to share work.

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  1. This is a fabulous explanation Jordan. I will recommend it to other people.

    Mrs Burt