Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tamaki Technology

Every thursday half of Pt England Intermediate. Walk down to Tamaki College for technology. We are all put into groups and there are 3 groups. There are Food Tech, Hardware and Materials and Grips tech. Each term we change groupes. Her are so things we learnt.

Are you thinking of making a (metal) necklace for a friend. Well read this to have a good idea of how to do it. First you need to choose your metal. Here are a few choices.

Did you know that the metal Lead is poisonous. If you ever want to melt Lead, you need to reach 330 degrees. This metal also develops a dull dark gray color. So I suggest not using Lead, but if you do then don’t expect it to stay new and shiny forever.

Now Brass, first of all it will begin turning into a green color. You also need to reach 900 degrees to melt it, which is quite high. So I suggest not using Brass, but if you do then be very careful .

Finally Gold. It is good, but it is also very expensive. In able to melt it, you need to reach 1050 degrees, which is extremely high and dangerous! So if you ever use Gold, I suggest being very very careful! You also need to have a lot of money.  But remember there are still more others like pewter and silver.

If it is not smove you should also sand it with sand paper. There are different sandpaper grips and as you move up to a higher grips it gets smover. When you finish you should use metal polish to polish it. Do this until you see a mirror shine(Until you can see yourself in it).

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