Friday, 6 June 2014

Leaving A Smart Digital Footprint

Did you know that while you are surfing the net, you leave a digital footprint. It is sort of like when you walk through snow, you leave footprints. So leaving a smart footprint is really important. These footprints get saved, so you can’t delete them no matter what.

Whenever you enter or leave a site, you leave a footprint with your name on it. It is like a digital snail trail you leave as you are on the internet. So leaving a smart and positive one is best. It is also like taking a walk at a beach, you leave footprints in the sand.

Don't just think if you delete your history no one will knows what you were on. You leave a footprint on everything. So try leave a good one. Your digital footprint is the trail you leave about yourself when you’re on the net.

However, leaving an inappropriate digital footprint can come back to bite you, especially when people that you didn’t intend to know certain things about you, come across your footprint online.

Stay safe on the net everyone. You actions now on the internet can affect your future. I hope that after reading this you will always leave positive footprints not negative.

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