Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How To Leave Blog Comment

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Example(Zion Keni’s Blog)

Leaving feedback can be really helpful. I will be writing an explanation about how to leave a comment on blogs. The first thing you need to do is read or watch the blog post. When you have finished, click comment, it will be at the bottom of the blog post.

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Example(My Comment)

Once you click comment, scroll down until you see this picture above. The big box is where you write your comment. It is good to write one thing they should work to help them but the rest should be positive. So they know there work is special.

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If you have a blog of your own you should add your Name/URL so they can visit your blog and leave feedback on your blog post. You need to click the box next to comment as. Then click Name/URL. There will be two box’s. One will say Name and the other will say URL. You need to write your name in the box that says name and you need to paste your blog URL into the box which say URL.

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Example(My Comment)

Finally you can publish it. Leaving Comment can help the writer get better because he or she can learn from there mistakes. It can also help encourage them to continue. The blog that I used as an example was Zion Keni blog.

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