Friday, 20 June 2014

How to keep your house warm without electricity?

Keeping your house warm during winter is hard because the money you pay for thing like heaters. I will explain how to keep your house warm without electricity.

Make sure all your windows are closed properly. Doing this will stop all the cold air from getting into your house. Use clear curtains for windows that brings sunlight and keeps the cold air out.

Try to let as much sunlight in as possible into your house as it can help heat it. Make sure that your house is fully insulated. Close all the curtains before the sun goes down to trap the heat in. Cook often. As this will heat the house and you will have something to eat. Lit candles, this can produce heat but Don’t leave it unattended! Wear warm clothes.

Exercise often. For example every 30 mins get up and dance or something. Doing this can save your family a lot of money and keep you warm.

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