Monday, 5 May 2014

Immersion Assembly

It was the beginning of the term and we had Immersion Assembly. The whole school entered the hall. We were about to find out what we were all learning about. As we entered the hall, we noticed balloons filled with helium floating around the place.

Most of the teacher where dressed up in crazy costumes like wigs etc. The whole school theme was I like to move it move it. The first item was team 1 and they were learning about Zoo’s equipment that keeps us safe and how it relates to the equipment in our own homes.

Team 2 where learning about how airplanes fly. They also learn about gravity and how air balloons float. There performance was quite funny. Some teacher created planes out of cardboard boxes that they could wear.

Team 3 are learning about light and how it creates colors. They learn about the speed of light and how rainbows are created. First it rains and the water creates paddles. If the sun comes out it reflects light off the water and it creates colors that mix and create rainbows

Team 4 are learning about what things float and sink. They also learn things like the buoyancy of water. They watch video from youtube. Team 5(my team) are learning about sound and how it is created. We also learn about physics as well. I love what we're learning about.


  1. Hi Jordan, I really enjoyed reading your recount of the Immersion Assembly. You created a really interesting introduction and the rest of your recount You started well with your use of paragraphs, but Team 4 and 5 were lumped together.

    What are some things that you can work on in your next piece of writing?

    1. Hey Mr Crowe
      Next time I will try to work harder and write more. Thanks for your help.