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Luna Park

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Entrance To Luna Park
As I gazed at the immense clown, his gigantic mouth laid wide open. It was a clear Saturday morning, and I stood with my family in front of the Entrance of Luna Park. Luna Park is an enjoyable theme park, located in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. I went with my father, 3 of my sisters, my brother, Lisa my step mum and my dad’s mate Clint. Together we entered the clowns mouth.

The Spider
Did you know that the smallest spider species is called Patu Marplesi. One of the amazing rides at Luna Park is The Spider. The Spider was the first ride we went on. As I watched it in action I saw the fun it contained. The line passed quickly. We climbed into our carriages. I was seated with my younger sister Kacey. I was feeling pumped and waited for the ride to begin. My sister on the other hand was freaking out.

The ride began. The carriages started spinning. I felt like our carriages were like planets in our solar system orbiting the sun (spiders head) "This is amazing!" I yelled. We went up, down, left and right. We were all enjoying ourselves which put a big smile on my face.
The Twin Dragon
Do you get sea sick ? If so The Twin Dragon is not the ride for you. I boarded the ship with my two sisters (Viv and Lina). Together we decided to sit in the center of the ship. We pulled the safety bar down to our thighs and the ride began. It started with a simple rock, kinda like a rocking chair. Then began speeding up. "Weeeeee." We said joyfully. We had butterflies in our stomachs. It rocked back and forth. My younger sister Lina was having so much fun. I saw her smile and giggle. That made me happy.

Ghosts Train
Ghost. Are you afraid of them? The terrifying ghost train is a frightening ride full of jump scares. We were all able to experience this ride. I went with my younger sister Kacey. As the train headed towards the two wooden doors we had no clue about what was to come. The doors flew wide open. I saw nothing it was pitch black, but the train continued moving. I was excited.

I was able to see my arm, it almost turned purple. Kacey was squeezing on it like a crazy snake. All of a sudden the train made a right turned I almost fell out. How ever my grip kept me aboard the train. The train got faster. Bam! Daylight struck my face. The ride was over.

This is a picture of my adventure on The Great Scenic Railway.
Roller coasters are popular rides. Well at Luna Park there is a ride call The Great Scenic Railway. Amazingly it had been running for 103 year! The line was extremely long. It was roughly an hours wait. Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a positive attitude while waiting. I had no patience whatsoever.

Finally it was our turn. My sister Viv and I ran to the front row of the train. It began. I was excited as usual. The ride begin. It started at a slow and steady pace while going up. As we waited for the ride to get interesting we all admired the view. Once we reached the top the real ride began.

"Ahhhhhh!" We scream at the top of our lungs. We speeded down the railway in an intense speed. We slowed down. It was back to slow and steady. We all sighed in relief. Suddenly we were headed down another steep hill. It forced us to scream again. Followed by another steep hill but with a small in length tunnel. Finally we had time to recover.

“Get ready to scream.” Dad said. I spotted what I believe was the camera. An amazing thing Luna Park does is automatically snaps a quick picture of you and your families retention on the ride. If you wish, you can purchase your photo to keep that memory alive. Back to the story. I stared at the camera, while screaming my head off, as you can see in the photo. I feel that The Great Scenic Railway is one of Luna Parks top rides.

So in conclusion Luna Park is a great place to take your family for a day full of fun. The rides mentioned are not the only rides, for more info visit the Luna Park Website. My favourite ride was The Twin Dragon, although it wasn’t the most intense, I got to see my sisters having a lot of fun which I believe is the point of our visit to Luna Park, to have fun. Sometimes we didn't realize we were making memories - we just knew we were having fun.

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