Thursday, 21 May 2015

Technology, is it good or bad?

Technology. Is it good or bad? What are your thoughts?

The definition of technology is an object crafted by humans, purposely designed to make our lives simpler or to solve problems. Technology can be found everywhere like in our classrooms or at home. There are many uses of technology e.g to repair, to entertain, to protect, to provide transport, to receive information, it was even used during war.

Before WW1 began the technology generation increased rapidly. This was caused by an arms battle between England and Germany. An arms battle is when one person or country create something of mass destruction. This forces the other person to create something even more deadly. This process continues until each of them have tons of weapons.

As the British designed new weaponry and equipment, the German government was pressured into wasting millions of taxpayer's money to design and craft new equipment for war so they would not fall behind in the arms battle. 

During this time deadly pieces of technology were created e.g tanks, cannons and planes were built. They both decided that it was time to use all their weapons. That was when WW1 began. Sadly all the money wasted on weapons and deadly equipment, could have used to support students at school etc.

So, back to the question is Technology good or bad? Personally I feel that it really depends on what you use it for e.g you could use a laptop to learn and share amazing things or you could use it to hack. It could be used to do good or bad, the choice is in your hands. In conclusion what are your thoughts of technology is it good or bad. Please place a comment answering the question. Big thanks to the principal of Point England school for inspiring me to create this post.

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