Friday, 8 May 2015

My War Symbols


These are 5 symbols drawn by me based on war. The top left square with the number 1 on it means death, because a lot of our brave soldiers fort and died for our country. The top middle square with the number 2 on it is Green Lantern’s symbol. The reason to why I drew it is because Green Lantern was a hero and our soldiers of anzac were our heroes also. The bottom left square with the number 3 on it represents life, because some of the soldiers from war survived and returned home. The bottom middle square with the number 4 on it is the cross. The cross represents god because I believe that god was with our men during the war watching over them. The long square on the right with the number 5 on it is a chain. It represents how our soldiers fort together. United as a team.

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