Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cyclone Lusi

As heavy rain fell to the earth there was a huge storm. News reports were giving advice on how to keep safe. Rough winds blew tree branches. Dark clouds covered the whole of Auckland. Large waves crashed against the shore. Cyclone Lusi was on her way.

Luckily Cyclone Lusi was not as bad as expected. If it was, we would have suffered serious damage. There could have been deaths and accidents. We would have had food and water shortages. It might have forced schools to shut down for the safety of the children.

Cyclones can create serious damage, like landslides and land slips. It can create power cuts and storms. It can smash  buildings and trees. It can cause huge waves that flood some homes. It can cause flying debris and storm surges. If its really bad, people would have to evacuate the city.  
Have you ever wondered what a cyclone is? Basically it is a system of winds spinning anti clockwise (northern hemisphere) or clockwise (southern hemisphere). Its like a vortex. It can cause crazy storms! The middle of a Cyclone is called the eye of the storm. Cyclones can cause severe damage to peoples property.

To prepare for Cyclones you should secure objects outside in case they go flying through your window. Stay inside to keep safe. Store a radio, candles and torch. Keep pets safe. People panic in fear during cyclones but it is best to stay calm.

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