Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tamaki College

Recently some of the year 7 and 8 students have been walking down to Tamaki College. We do this to play sports. If you're wondering where is Tamaki College, it is located in Glen Innes, Auckland. Most of the students are Maori or Polynesian.
The main reason why we go there for sports is because it is closer to our school. It is good fitness for us. It is really fun! We get to get out of class and it is just up the road from Pt England.

The year 7 and 8’s are put in teams of 7 (10 to 12 per team) by the students. Mixed, boys and girls teams. In each team there are two Tamaki students as tutors. Our tutors are year 12 and by doing this they can earn NCEA credits. We do this each week and each week we get to do different activities.

The activities we do are high jump, obstacle courses, chain tag, trist fall, relays, orienteering, amazing race and rope jump. All of the games encourage us to cooperate and participation. It helps us do the 3P’s  

High jump. In high jump you have to jump over a bar and land on a mat. If you fail you are out. The obstacle course is when you are blindfolded and you have to go thru an obstacle course with a partner guiding you. Now this activity is all about trust. If you touch the ground or take the blindfold off you are out and you will have to restart

Chain Tag is a game of teamwork in the beginning there is only one tager and when that person tags someone else they will have to chain up together and both of them will be the tager. Trust fall is a trust test. You stand on a deck and close your eyes. Lean back and fall. There will be people at the bottom of the deck who will have to catch you. If you trust them this will be easy.

Relays is a race with others. You run on a track, when you are done you tag the next person and they will run. Orienteering is using a map. Trying to find things. This is a good active because it teach you how to use a map just incase you get lost in the future. Amazing race is a long race with different activities. In the race there will be clues to help you. Rope jump is trying to get your whole team over a rope without touching it. It involves teamwork.

Fitness is really Important. It helps you stay healthy. You can lose weight. It is really fun. It makes it easier to participate and it helps you stay in shape.

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