Friday, 7 March 2014


What is it?
Sketchup is a program used to design and create 3D(dimensional) objects. It also allows you to create new thing like toys and more. It is used to design different objects.

Why is it special?
Sketchup is quite special because it allows you to go wild and create crazy things. If you have a 3D(dimensional) printer you can even print it out, isn’t that cool! Well I think it is.

How do you used it?
If you would like to use sketchup, you can install it on dight devices like netbooks, computers and laptops. If you want you can also access it on the internet. You'll have to make a new file before you can begin. Then you’ll be able to start.

Who uses it?
A lot of people around the world use it like us students, teachers and designers. Student can use it to create toys. Teachers can use it to make learning gear. Designers use it to help build different parts for new designs

What are the tools?
The tools on the toolbar are shapes, pencil, shift pad, rotating tool, pull out bar, eraser, selector, free hand and measuring tape. It has a lot of tools. It is really easy to use once you get use to it.

Here are some things I created on Sketchup

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